On 21 June, Azerbaijan’s defence minister, Zakir Hasanov, gave an exclusive interview highlighting the country’s military modernisation programme during the past seven years. Full interview provided by Azeri CBC   The highlights of the interview below: “today, 80% of Azerbaijan’s army consists of professionals (officers, commanders, etc.), 10% are civilians,Continue Reading

On 15 October, Azeri Defence minister, Zakir Hasanov, along with other defence officials visited a newly-constructed radar station housing technology obtained from Indra, a Spanish firm producing high-quality radar systems for civil and military use. The new radar system installed can be used as both, stationary and mobile radar. PossibleContinue Reading

According to Armenian military blog Razm.info, a transfer of military-grade radar technology from Spain to Azerbaijan possibly took place last week. The military blog tracked the flight of a military Il-76 cargo plane from Madrid to Baku and published a short article on its findings on 30 July. According toContinue Reading