Two Azeri servicemen killed in seperate incidents

The days of September started with losses of servicemen in both Armenia and Azerbaijan. On 03 September 2018, a member of Azerbaijan’s border guards, Elennur Suleymanov (born 1994),  was accidentally killed by a Georgian lorry driver at the Georgia-Azerbaijan border post between Şıxlı (Azerbaijan) and Kirach Mughanlu (Georgia) when the latter failed to stop, slamming into barricades.

The second loss occurred in the Terter region of Azerbaijan, bordering Martakert in Nagorno Karabakh. Serviceman Kenan Dadashov (born 2000) was killed near a segment on the line-of-contact. Initial word from from Dadashov’s village of Pelikesh suggest he was killed as a result of Armenian fire according the Azeri media outlet Meydan TV.

Kenan Dadaashov, killed on the line-of-contact

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