Nagorno Karabakh defence officials report that Azerbaijan used combat drones against their positions along the western segment of the new line-of-contact, posting photos of what appear to be a Turkish-produced Kargu drone.  This is the first notification stating the downing of a drone in Karabakh since the war. Photos providedContinue Reading

With the rise in tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border, we conducted a brief analysis of which side has the higher ground on the segment of the border that has experienced numerous skirmishes and shootouts in recent times. This segment of the border is custodied by Azerbaijan’s State Border Service andContinue Reading

Yesterday, the units from Azerbaijan’s air force carried out live-fire drills with Su-25 combat aircraft. The drills included both, daytime, as well as nocturnal simulations. Official publications from the Defence ministry stated the fighter unit attacked training targets with different armament types, including bombs and air-surface rockets. The drills wereContinue Reading

Reinforced military units involving armoured tank battalions participated in live-fire exercises at the Tigranakert training ground. The event was supervised by the commander of an undisclosed military base, Col Ashot Aghajanyan, while observing was the Defence Minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan. Also present were commanders and officers of the participatingContinue Reading

Reports from Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry today revealed rocket and artillery military units conducting live-fire exercises involving the 152mm MSTA-S self-propelled artillery guns. The event most likely took place at a military training ground on the southern edge of the Mingechevir resevoir. Possible training ground location, 50 km from line-of-contact  Continue Reading

Azeri media outlets reported on a brush fire in Nagorno Karabakh near the line-of-contact. In what seem to be photos from the area, billowing smoke is visible from a distance.  The incident occurred near the abandoned village of Gulluje, around 4,5 km west of the line-of-contact. Authorities in Stepanakert haveContinue Reading

Yesterday, OSCE representatives in Armenia and Azerbaijan organised a monitoring mission on the militarised border between the two countries. According to Azeri and Armenian sources, the monitoring took place according to plans, without any incidents. On the Armenian side, the monitoring took place near military outposts around the village ofContinue Reading