On 28 February, units of the Nakhichevan military garrison carried out simulation drills involving armoured units. The events were aimed at thwarting a simulated incursion in nocturnal and daytime conditions and is part of this year’s military training plan. While the exact location of the event was not specified, theContinue Reading

On 15 February, an Armenian serviceman was wounded by an Azeri sniper on the northern segment of the internationally-recognised between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The information was mentioned by Armenia’s Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, during a face-to-face debate with his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev. While the exact area of the incidentContinue Reading

On 15 February, Azeri Defence officials announced in a rare statement about the death of serviceman Seymur Alaskerov as a result of cross border fire. The exact location was not officially announced, with the statement stating an area near the “frontline” (sic), which could include not only the line-of-contact betweenContinue Reading

According to a recent article by military blog Azeri Defence,  Azerbaijan will be importing military hardware from Indian defence firm MKU Limited. No precise details of the acquisitions was found on either article, however the original article they did mention that Azerbaijan will be importing helmets and armour plates forContinue Reading