Russian 102nd military base in Gyumri, Armenia conducts live-fire exercises involving combat helicopters and armoured vehicles, so was the official news brief from the Russian Ministry of Defence on 19 January 2018. The objective of the drills are locating, targeting and firing on decoy “enemy” targets in difficult weather conditions.More than 40Continue Reading

On 19 January 2018, media outlets started publishing the first photos on an Russian arms transfer of BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers and other military equipment to Azerbaijan. On the same day, Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry published its news brief on the transfer, stating that military equipment has been received and will beContinue Reading

Azeri serviceman, İbrahim Mənəfov was killed on 20 January 2018 in a border skirmish in an undisclosed area on the line of contact between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. 23-year-old Mənəfov had graduated from the National Aviation Academy and had started military service in July of 2017.  Armenian military authorities have not commentedContinue Reading

News got out that on 18 January 2018 Armenian conscript Ernest Hovhannisyan was hospitalised due to a serious traumatic injury. An initial report from Armenia’s Defence Ministry stated that the conscript had caused a self-inflicted injury to himself. Unconfirmed reports mention he had fallen or was thrown, either intentionally orContinue Reading

The Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan met in Krakow, Poland on 18 January 2018. The meeting was organised by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and was reportedly behind closed doors, although photos of the meeting were made public. What exactly was discussed during the meeting remains unknown, however speculationContinue Reading

On 16 January 2018, 19-year-old Armenian serviceman Harutyun Khachikian’s lifeless body was found at a military outpost in the northern region of Martakert. The circumstances under which he died are currently being investigated. Artsakh’s Defence Army (essentially the country’s Ministry of Defence) sent their condolences to the fallen’s family and will provideContinue Reading

A criminal case has been started by Nagorno Karabakh judicial officials against captured Azeri soldier Elnur Huseynzade. The latter was captured by Armenian forces in February of 2017 during a small-scale military operation near the north-western village of Talish. The Karabakh Defence Army reported that the captured was a member of anContinue Reading

The second week of January saw the detention and subsequent deportation of Russian scientist Dmitri Chulkov by Azeri authorities. The incident occurred on 05 January 2018, when Chulkov set off on a hike near the nature preserve surrounding lake Göygöl in western Azerbaijan . According to military police who detainedContinue Reading

On 13 January, a group of religious leaders and Shia community members organised a pro-Iran protest in the midst of the ongoing internal unrest in Iran. The protesters, mainly men, chanted pro-Iran slogans and expressed their support for the theocratic government in Tehran. One protester expressed “Khamenei is not onlyContinue Reading

Officer Sənan Məmmədov (left) and conscript Asiman Şahmarov (right) Through unofficial sources, news has come out that two Azeri servicemen have been killed since the begining of this year. On 10 January, ethnic Talish Asiman Şahmarov was killed reportedly in a military outpost near Aghdam, reports on social media say he wasContinue Reading

  A recent investigation by private sources in Azerbaijan reveal that at least 59 Azeri servicemen were killed in the year 2017.  Although information on military deaths remains a state secret, an analysis of social networks and personal interviews revealed that at least 19 of these were killed in combat,Continue Reading