Criminal case against captured Azeri soldier Elnur Huseynzade

A criminal case has been started by Nagorno Karabakh judicial officials against captured Azeri soldier Elnur Huseynzade. The latter was captured by Armenian forces in February of 2017 during a small-scale military operation near the north-western village of Talish. The Karabakh Defence Army reported that the captured was a member of an Azeri special forces platoon, who had been repelled during the attack.

The incident was given a twist when the Azeri Defence Ministry refused to acknowledge that Huseynzade was serving in the armed forces,  instead claiming that he was a civilian and wrongfully taken hostage by the Armenian side. Media reports, including an interview with Huseynade’s mother, as well as numerous complaints by his fellow countrymen on social media came to establish that he was indeed an active member of the armed forces.  He is currently being held in an unknown location during the duration of his trial.

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