In recent years, Azerbaijan has stepped up efforts to create a domestic arms industry, starting with standard military equipment to high-technology drone production. While the vast majority of its efforts appear to concentrate on the standard military equipment (Kevlar vests, helmets, camouflage systems, bunker designs, training modules and light UAV’sContinue Reading

According to a press statement, Armenia will be receiving its batch of Su-30CM multi-purpose aircraft from Russia between December and February of 2020 according to the country’s Defence minister Davit Tonoyan. Initially four Su-30 aircraft have been anticipated with a possibility o fan additional 12, no further details were providedContinue Reading

According to Armenian military blog, a transfer of military-grade radar technology from Spain to Azerbaijan possibly took place last week. The military blog tracked the flight of a military Il-76 cargo plane from Madrid to Baku and published a short article on its findings on 30 July. According toContinue Reading

Tests and trials have started in Azerbaijan, aimed at testing out a newly-developed sniper rifle. The 12.7 x 108 mm cartridge used by the new ST-12.7 rifle as it is called, has an effective range of 1,600 metres and is used to target personnel, as well as light armoured vehiclesContinue Reading

The Azeri Armed Forces have sealed a deal with their Belorussian counterparts for the purchase of numerous high-technology artillery guiding system. The new equipment was apparently used during the latest military exercises in mid-March, with no further news on the performance. It was displayed during the IDEX 2019 Arms exhibitionContinue Reading

A series of locally-produced military equipment types were exhibited at the Baghramyan training ground in Armenia in presence of high-level military officials, including the Military Chieff of Staff Artak Davtyan. The local defence industry in Armenia remains largely unknown, with little information provided to outside sources, nonetheless, recent developments showContinue Reading

Turkish defence contractor Target Group has granted production rights to several companies in Azerbaijan for the production of automated target systems to be used by the country’s military. The target system includes pop-up and pop-out targets managed by the location of miss and hit (LOMAH) software system, used to collectContinue Reading

On 01 February news got out about a signing of a deal for Moscow to sell Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets  to Yerevan after a series of negotiations that started last year. According to the new deal, Russian Irkut Corporation will supply Armenia with Su-30CM , which are considered 4th generationContinue Reading

Little is known about the defence industry in Armenia. Local private, public and semi-public  companies that produce, investigate, test out products destined for the Armenian Armed Forces tend to be quite conservative in regard to public announcements, however, the industry seems to be very active and booming. Compared with Azerbaijan’sContinue Reading

On 06 November 2018, official sources within the Azeri government announced what is the be the start of an assembly line producing the new HP machine gun. The  latter was first introduced in trials around 2013, and almost five years later a decision was adopted to start mass production. The machineContinue Reading

According to a contact within Armenia’s Defence Ministry , Sweden has apparently made an offer to sell Armenia eight of its fourth-generation JAS-39 fighter jets through a lease agreement. Several online media agencies have made public the little information surrounding this news. The little information surrounding this has been made publicContinue Reading