Sweden offers to sell Saab JAS-39 fighter jets to Armenia

According to a contact within Armenia’s Defence Ministry , Sweden has apparently made an offer to sell Armenia eight of its fourth-generation JAS-39 fighter jets through a lease agreement.

Several online media agencies have made public the little information surrounding this news. The little information surrounding this has been made public through several online media agencies. The Russian REGNUM apparently broke the news first,  with others such as Aravot following up. Until now, Armenia’s Airforce consists of  only used Soviet-era Su-25 fighters as its main battle horse. In recent months, talks have gone on regarding the acquisition of Russian Su-30  fighters  as a replacement. If Sweden’s offer is true, it would come to be a rival offer for Russia’s attempts to seal a deal from its own air defence companies.

It is worth mentioning, that ,meetings between high ranking defence officials between Armenia and Sweden are not new. They have taken place at least once a year since 2015, the latest one being in February of 2017.


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