The last week of January, starting the 27th, saw a series of drills carried out by the Azeri military in preparation for the new training period of the year. Different military units from undisclosed bases and installations took part in a week-long preparation drill aimed at evaluating the combat capacitiesContinue Reading

SOURCE: “Weapons are smuggled through Slovakia, Czech journalists reveal”, The Slovak Sectator, 17 ABR 2018   They reportedly end up in Azerbaijan, which is banned from weapons exports. Bratislava airport is used as a transit point for smuggling Czech rocket launchers and howitzers to Azerbaijan, on which a ban on theContinue Reading

In late 2017, Azerbaijan showed off for the first time military hardware produced and acquired from the Czech Republic. Later investigations showed that the RM-70 122mm multi-launch rockets and Dana 152mm self-propelled artillery systems were transferred via flights through Israel, bypassing direct arms exports from a European Union country toContinue Reading

SOURCE: Prague Daily Monitor 29 September 2017 The Czech arms which recently appeared in a video promotion of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces may have reached the country across Israel, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes on Wednesday. The Bulgarian server speculates that disassembled weapons may have been transported into IsraelContinue Reading