On 17  November, Azerbaijan‘s President Aliyev and wife (Vice President) visited areas recently taken over during the war in Nagorno Karabkah near the border with Iran, notably, the Khodaafarin dam area with the old bridge (location on map here). From Iran, these photos were taken (possibly around 14.30 hours localContinue Reading

In response to the recent statements by the de facto Nagorno Karabakh (NK) authorities about the construction of a third road into the territory, Azeri defence officials released a statement on 11 June, which stressed that as a result of “successful operations between 2016-2018” roads leading into Nagorno Karabakh fromContinue Reading

Source: “Iran building power stations in Karabakh – outrage on Azerbaijani social media, Baku says project carried out with its consent”, JAM News, 07 MAY 2020 *all opinions expressed are those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of Nagorno Karabakh Observer.  Azerbaijani social media usersContinue Reading

According to an official publication from the Azeri State Border Service (SBS), a shootout between drug smugglers and an SBS border guards (1, 2)took place on 23 November on the border with Iran, near the town of Bala Bahmanli. During the incident, border guards fired warning shots and gave outContinue Reading

A second border incident involving a shoot-out has taken place within two days of a similar incident on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran. According to official sources in Baku, the incident took place just after midnight on 12 March 2019, on a segment of the border near the villageContinue Reading

An incident involving an exchange of fire took place on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran, near the village of Bala Bəhmənli, in the region of Fizuli. As a result, Azeri border guard Sekhavet Memmedov was killed and a second, Vidadi Jebrailov was injured in the arm. The incident isContinue Reading

SOURCE: “Iran’s Ghassemi: Neighbours are our priorities in foreign policy”, IRAN PRESS, 03 MAR 2019   Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Bahram Ghassemi criticised the unauthorised banners displayed at Ararat club, and reassured that Tehran still supports its principled solution for Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which is based on dialogue and international laws. BahramContinue Reading

SOURCE: “Karabakh dispute must be settled through dialog: Iran”, PRESS TV, 03 MAR 2019   Iran has reiterated that it pursues a “transparent” policy toward the dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Karabakh region, stressing the importance of finding a peaceful resolution to the issue through diplomatic channels. “TheContinue Reading

SOURCE: “Armenia changing its approach to settlement of Karabakh conflict”, JAM News, 01 MAR 2019   Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says that, in terms of compromises in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijan must take the first step. Pashinyan made these remarks while on his official visit toContinue Reading

On 13 January, a group of religious leaders and Shia community members organised a pro-Iran protest in the midst of the ongoing internal unrest in Iran. The protesters, mainly men, chanted pro-Iran slogans and expressed their support for the theocratic government in Tehran. One protester expressed “Khamenei is not onlyContinue Reading