Footage from Nagorno Karabakh’s Hakaku village suggests vandalism of local Armenian graves

In January 2024, footage emerged of what appear to be Azeri military personnel in the ethnic-Armenian village of Hakaku, Nagorno Karabakh (NK). The village, along with the entire territory of NK were overran by Azerbaijan’s military during it’s offensive in September 2023.

One of the first sources of the footage was from Twitter user @Araratpetrosian, who tweeted it with the below description:

“Another video of Azerbaijani vandalism, kind people claim that this barbarism took place on January 7, 2024, as I understood from the description of the location and landmarks, the incident is happening in the village of Hakaku.”

NK Observer looked into this location and confirmed it was indeed in Hakaku village. The desecrated graves appear to be local villagers killed during the 1990s war.

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