Source: Shiriyev, Zaur, “A Listening Tour of the Azerbaijani Front Lines”, Crisis Group, 17 September 2019   *all opinions expressed are those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of Nagorno Karabakh Observer.    BAKU – I am standing among the mourners at the grave ofContinue Reading

In October of 2018, a series of military drills took place in Nakhichevan aimed at coordinating operations between Nakhichevan’s local military with other militarised institutions in the planning of operations and the managing of personnel. A specialised radar system, the RP-10, was tested out during the drills, which is operableContinue Reading

Trilateral military exercises are being conducted in Azerbaijan, between units of the latter’s, as well as Georgia’s and Turkey’s armed forces. The exercises are aimed at strengthening cooperation and establishing homogeneous defence and security procedures for the protection of three major infrastructure projects spanning the three countries: the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oilContinue Reading

On Thursday, a report from the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan stated that Armenian troops fired on a military supply vehicle behind their military outposts. According to the report, the incident occurred at border outposts between the villages of  Ferehli in Azerbaijan and Koti in Armenia, which lie barelyContinue Reading

Yesterday, Armenia’s Defence minister Davit Tonoyan paid an official visit to his counterpart in the de facto Nagorno Karabakh, Karen Abrahamyan. Official notifications stated that the two visited the northern and eastern segments of the line-of-contact to follow up on the latest situation, as well as defence and security mechanisms atContinue Reading