Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Group will be manufacturing AK-103 model rifles at a factory in Armenia. The manufacturer was awarded a 10 year contract back in 2018, and will start production of the rifles in July of this year inaugurating the opening of its factory. According to reports, the AK-103Continue Reading

According to a recent article by military blog Azeri Defence,  Azerbaijan will be importing military hardware from Indian defence firm MKU Limited. No precise details of the acquisitions was found on either article, however the original article they did mention that Azerbaijan will be importing helmets and armour plates forContinue Reading

This past week, Armenia received the most significant arms supply in years from its strategic partner Russia. The arms included an unspecified number of Tor 2M anti-air missile systems, at least five Osa anti-air missile vehicles and four Sukhoi Su-30 multi-purpose fighter jets. The overall value of the military hardware,Continue Reading

Today, news got out of a new arms aquisition by Armenia. The spokesperson for the country’s Defence Ministry, Artsrun Hovhannisyan,  published four pictures of a Tor M2KM anti-air defence system on Facebook being offloaded during nocturnal hours. News about the arms transfer was also picked up by Sputnik Armenia, whoContinue Reading

According to media reports by Azeri defence news monitor AzeriDefence, the country’s air force will be receiving ten new training aircraft from Pakistan. The deal, signed between the two sides in 2017, included the the purchase of ten two-seater, single-engine MFI-17 Mushshak training aircraft. The exact price of the dealContinue Reading

A few days ago on 04 December, Azeri Defence officials announced the transfer of excavators and tractors from Turkey to the Nakhichevani military garrison. Manufactured by the Turkish firm Hidromek, at least eight tracked and three wheeled heavy-duty excavators, two graders, two front-end loaders and three backhoe tractors were providedContinue Reading

In recent years, Azerbaijan has stepped up efforts to create a domestic arms industry, starting with standard military equipment to high-technology drone production. While the vast majority of its efforts appear to concentrate on the standard military equipment (Kevlar vests, helmets, camouflage systems, bunker designs, training modules and light UAV’sContinue Reading

According to a press statement, Armenia will be receiving its batch of Su-30CM multi-purpose aircraft from Russia between December and February of 2020 according to the country’s Defence minister Davit Tonoyan. Initially four Su-30 aircraft have been anticipated with a possibility o fan additional 12, no further details were providedContinue Reading

On 15 October, Azeri Defence minister, Zakir Hasanov, along with other defence officials visited a newly-constructed radar station housing technology obtained from Indra, a Spanish firm producing high-quality radar systems for civil and military use. The new radar system installed can be used as both, stationary and mobile radar. PossibleContinue Reading

According to Armenian military blog, a transfer of military-grade radar technology from Spain to Azerbaijan possibly took place last week. The military blog tracked the flight of a military Il-76 cargo plane from Madrid to Baku and published a short article on its findings on 30 July. According toContinue Reading