Russian-produced 1L271 Aistyonok artillery reconnaissance radar spotted in Nagorno Karabakh

According to open sources, Russian-produced 1L271 Aistyonok artillery reconnaissance radars were spotted in Nagorno Karabakh during training exercises conducted from 22-26 June.  The system, produced by Russian defence firm Almaz Antey, is capable of detecting the position of mortar fire up to 5 km away, artillery fire up to 15 km away, and moving ground vehicles 20 km away. According to military blog ArmyRecognition, it entered service with the Russian armed forces  in 2008 and  has also been used in Syria, one of its main features is that it can also detect drones.

The 1L281 radar spotted (orange arrow) in official footage of the 22-26 June training exercises

Further news on the issue came from an article by the Azeri military blog AzeriDefence, which highlighted the use of Russian-produced 1L271 Aistyonok portable radar system. One day prior to the article, use of the 1L271 radar was also reported by Twitter user @301_AD, who in a post stated: “1L271 “Aistenok” Counter-battery radar system spotted during exercises in Artsakh. This is a mobile radar for detecting position of fire weapons such as field artillery and anti-aircraft weapons, calculating the trajectory of incoming shells, and the control of UAVs.” The user also provided a photo of the radar, also used by the AzeriDefence article mentioned above.

Photos of the 1l271 radar system provided by Almaz Antey and Vitaly Kuzmin

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Armenia itself is known to have imported such products in the past, with the possibility of it sharing such equipment with de facto NK authorities within the bilateral military cooperation framework. Armenia acquired the radar system from Russia and used it for the first time during artillery exercises in February 2010.



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