In a rare event, the acting Foreign Minister of Armenia, Zohrab Mnatsakanian paid a visit to Armenian troops stationed at border outposts. The visits took place along the border between Armenia and the Azerbaijani Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan. on 30 December 2018, Mnatsakanian greeted troops and passed on his bestContinue Reading

Just as his counterpart on the other side of the border, Azeri Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov visited military outposts on the other side of the Line of Contact.   His visits were aimed at boosting morale, inspecting technical issues and getting personally acquainted with the situation.  Information about the visit was officiallyContinue Reading

During this last week of December Azeri border guards, offically called the State Border Service(SBS), took up new assignments on the Azeri-Armenian border, more precisely near the towns of Agstafa and Qazax. The head of the SBS Elchin Guliyev paid a visit to his troops, who, although are not membersContinue Reading

The newly appointed head of the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Army (the equivalent to the ministry of defence), Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan visited military outposts along the line of contact in what is the first official visit of its kind. According to Maj Gen Abrahamyan, the aim of the visits wasContinue Reading

On 26 December apparently two incidents took place: Baku claims Armenian’s opened fire on a cemetery near the village of Mireşelli, wounding an elderly woman; Stepanakert on the other hand claims there was a shootout at an Azeri military outpost between Azeri soldiers in the same area that resulted in eitherContinue Reading

Between 23-24 December the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan conducted artillery drills with their Czech produced and procured DANA 152mm propelled artillery systems. According to official sources, the combat exercises simulated close-artillery barrage training. The DANA self.propelled artillery system has a minimum range of approximately 4,5 km and a maximum ofContinue Reading

Just a few days apart, the leaders of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, Bako Sahakyan and Ilham Aliyev both announced changes  in their armed forces for the upcoming year.  Both leaders announced modernisation plans for their armed forces for 2019. Aliyev was the first to announce such a change, which isContinue Reading

The Armenian military news platform published losses in the Armenian and Azeri military for 2018. According to, sources of the informationare based on news reports (mainly for the Armeian side) and social media monitoring (mainly for the Azeri side, as news on military losses is not normally published). ArmenianContinue Reading

Source: Vardanyan, Olesia, “Armenia elections boost hopes for peace with Azerbaijan”, Jam News, 14 December 2018   Berkaber, Armenia – One of the windows in Sonya Matinyan’s home is filled in with bricks. The glass of the other is splintered by a rifle bullet. The roof has taken a few missileContinue Reading

On 14 December, a new head of the Ministry of Defence (called officially Defence Army) was assigned by Presential decree. The new Head of the Ministry, Major General Karen Abrahamyan is a native of Hadrut region, and has held several prominant positions within the military over the years such asContinue Reading

According to inside information in the Kremlin, Moscow will not sell “Bal” missile systems to Azerbaijan. This information was first made public through the Russian daily Komersant on 05 December. One of the reasons for the change in policy appears to be that the missile systems have the potential to  shift theContinue Reading