Armenian and Azeri losses for 2018

The Armenian military news platform published losses in the Armenian and Azeri military for 2018. According to, sources of the informationare based on news reports (mainly for the Armeian side) and social media monitoring (mainly for the Azeri side, as news on military losses is not normally published).

Armenian military losses for 2018 are 42, with 33 being non-combat deaths and  only 9 being the result of cross-border skirmishes. For Azerbaijan less losses have been reported 33, of which 19 are non-combat deaths, 11 combat deaths and 3 in unclear circumstances. Due to less transparency with regards to military losses in Azerbaijan, the number of losses could be higher.

Armenian and Azeri losses appear to be at their lowest point since 2013, when yearly losses on both sides started to increase. The outlook for 2019 is still unpredictible, despite official declarations from both Baku and Yerevan stating progress at the negociating table.


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