Mayors of the three major cities of former Nagorno Karabakh, have been arrested by Armenian authorities coinciding with a growing opposition movement with whom they may have been associated with. The mayor of Karabakhi capital Stepanakert, and those of Askeran and Martakert cities have been detained by Armenian authorities. StepanakertContinue Reading

The beginning of May saw a series of threatening messages exchanged between Azeri and Karabakhi defence officials. Since the start of the year, Nagorno Karabakh officials have registered a progressive monthly increase in recorded ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan, while the latter’s data shows no major increase, with recorded cases similarContinue Reading

A series of preparation drills took place at a military base in the northeastern part of Nagorno Karabakh, in the region locally known as Martakert. The drills, according to official sources, involved the exhibition of military methods and techniques, the general exchange of ideas in what was characterised as aContinue Reading

On 26 November, some Armenian media outlets, apparently the first one being, reported on a military incursion by Azeri forces in northeastern Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh. The report stated that two military units consisting of 14 and 20 troops respectivally, attempted a nocturnal raid on Armenian positions, andContinue Reading

Five Azeri and two Armenian servicemen killed these past days, with one of them being a combat death, and the remainder under unspecified circumstances. The 18 September brought about news about the death of Azeri border guard, Senan Huseynov, one month before he was to be demobilised. The reasons forContinue Reading

Official information on reported ceasefire violations was published today by the Nagorno Karabakh (officially known as Artsakh) Defence Ministry. This last week has seen a rise in reported ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan, as reported by the Armenian side, with 250 reported incidents amounting to around 2.500 projectiles being fired onContinue Reading

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains statements that are political in nature, which do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Nagorno Karabakh Observer, but are merely quoted from other sources. On Thursday, an apparent incident occurred on the line-of-contact between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. In a briefing given to local journalists,Continue Reading

On Friday military authorities in Stepanakert announced that a military supply vehicle taking bread to an outpost on the line-of-contact came under fire by Azeri forces using an SVD Dragunov sniper rifles.  The incident happened along the central segment of the line-of-contact near Aghdam, no injuries were reported and theContinue Reading

On Thursday, 28 March 2019, the OSCE mission to the Caucasus conducted another ceasefire monitoring mission along the line-of-contact between the de facto Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. According to authorities in Stepanakert (known by the Azeri side as Khankendi), the mission took place at military outposts just northwest of theContinue Reading