Nagorno Karabakh President opens and visits new installations and road near line-of-contact

Yesterday, Nagorno Karabakh’s president, Bako Sahakyan, visited a series of military installations and the official opening of a  new military base. The visits took place on the northeastern and central segments of the line-of-contact that separates the de facto entity with Azerbaijan. Official reports highlighted the visits to a new military cafeteria and a newly-built road, most likely running from Martakert town to Talish village.

Sahakyan was accompanied by the head Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Karen Abrahamyan, presidential advisor and ex-head of intelligence, Arshavir Gharamyan and other high-level officials.

Official photos provided by the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministry

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The official notification from Defence officials also noted that in recent times a series of construction projects for military installations have been carried out, many of which are coming to their end awaiting their handing over to the military for use.

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