On 4 March, the Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe’s (OSCE) Minsk Group conducted a ceasefire monitoring mission on the heavily militarised line-of-contact (LoC) separating de facto Nagorno Karabakh (NK) and Azerbaijan. According to the NK Foreign Ministry, the monitoring took place at military positions in northeastern Hadrut regionContinue Reading

De facto Nagorno Karabakh’s (NK) Defence Ministry released an official summary of the military situation of 2019, which stressed the past years major events and developments, as well as underlined the lack of progress with the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group due to disagreements amongst the parties in theContinue Reading

Source: Shiriyev, Zaur, “A Listening Tour of the Azerbaijani Front Lines”, Crisis Group, 17 September 2019   *all opinions expressed are those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of Nagorno Karabakh Observer.    BAKU – I am standing among the mourners at the grave ofContinue Reading

Today, reports got out of an Armenian conscript defecting to the Azeri side on the southern segment of the line-of-contact. According to reports, the individual involved is 19-year-old Arayik Ghazarian, who left his military outpost at around 12.00 hours and proceeded to cross the highly-militarised neutral zone towards Azeri militaryContinue Reading

Yesterday, 12 June, the Azeri Defence ministry reported on a near hit of one of its drones by Armenian anti-air defence missile over south eastern Nagorno Karabakh. The report stated that the Armenian side fired on an Azeri drone during a planned training flight with two OSA anti-air missiles.  GeospatialContinue Reading

On 12 April, news on social media spread about the death of Azeri serviceman Meherrem Mayilzade being killed. Although military authorities in Baku have not yet commented on the incident, it is speculated that Mayilzade died as a result of a mine explosion. According to the Armenian military blog razm.info,Continue Reading

On 26 March, the Azeri Defence Ministry has reported the death of serviceman Allaz Allazov  from cross-border fire on the line-of-contact near the town of Fizuli in southern Nagorno Karabakh. According to the Armenian military news portal Razm.info, Allazov was from the village of Yuxarı Salahlı in the region ofContinue Reading

  An Azeri conscript has killed himself at a military outpost near the border town of Fizuli, on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border. Rza Rzayev, born in August 1996 and originally from the city of Ganja, was found hanging by a fellow conscript in what was an apparent suicide. Rzayev’s brother Hikmet confirmedContinue Reading

Source: Pope, Hugh, “Azerbaijan may be split in two: Armenians in Nagorny Karabakh prepare for decisive assault – Abkhazians step back from the front line in Georgia”, Independent, 18 August 1993 *all opinions expressed are those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of Nagorno KarabakhContinue Reading