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Tension along the internationally-recognised border between Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to remain high, with frequent skirmishes and cross-border fire reported. So far this year, two Armenian servicemen were wounded due to skirmishes, while one Azeri serviceman was killed on 7 January. On 15 January at around 16.30 hours, Armenian servicemanContinue Reading

According to news reports, an Armenian serviceman was found dead today at an unspecified military border outpost(1, 2, 3). According to eyewitness reports from the outpost, serviceman Gegham Khachaturian shot himself with a firearm and died as aresult of his wounds. Additionally, a local parish head from the village ofContinue Reading

According to an official notification today from Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS), serviceman, Farzali Farzaliyev, was shot by sniper fire on 7 January around 14.56 hours from the Armenian side and died as a result of his sustained wounds. The incident occured at a military position near the village enclaveContinue Reading

According to official publications from the Armenian and Azeri Defence Ministries, as well Azerbaijan’s State Border Service, border skirmishes took place today between the two sides. The exact places were the incidents are reported to have occurred are slightly different in each statement, but all conclude that it eventually ended.Continue Reading

With the rise in tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border, we conducted a brief analysis of which side has the higher ground on the segment of the border that has experienced numerous skirmishes and shootouts in recent times. This segment of the border is custodied by Azerbaijan’s State Border Service andContinue Reading

On 03 October Armenian serviceman Mushegh Abovyan was killed by gunfire from the Azeri side according to official reports from Armenia’s Defence ministry. Abovyan was 28 years old and a native of Koghb village. He sustained a wounds to the head and died before reaching a hospital. News reports alsoContinue Reading