Who holds higher ground on the Armenian-Azeri border in the north?

With the rise in tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border, we conducted a brief analysis of which side has the higher ground on the segment of the border that has experienced numerous skirmishes and shootouts in recent times. This segment of the border is custodied by Azerbaijan’s State Border Service and parts of it by Armenia’s interior troops along with members of its armed forces.

Having higher ground does not automatically give you an advantage, but can also make you an easier target, something brought up by Niccolò Machiavelli in his Del Arte della Guerra. Nonetheless, higher ground normally gives you a strategic advantage

This segment is only 120 km of the 614 km of militarised border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, on different segments of the border one or the other has higher ground, so this map is not a complete representation of the overall military positions.

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