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Twenty-year-old Azeri serviceman, Taleh Shukurov, was reportedly killed today according to media report from pro-opposition Meydan TV. The report, based on information from Shukurov’s family, as well as the municipal head and military recruiting office of his native city Goytepe.  The area of incident was not released to the publicContinue Reading

On 15 February, Azeri Defence officials announced in a rare statement about the death of serviceman Seymur Alaskerov as a result of cross border fire. The exact location was not officially announced, with the statement stating an area near the “frontline” (sic), which could include not only the line-of-contact betweenContinue Reading

Reports of two Armenian soldiers, one wounded and one killed in separate incidents were made public these past two days by the de facto Nagorno Karabakh’s (NK) Defence Ministry. The first incident, took place at 02.55 hours on 28 January, when serviceman Nver Avetisyan suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound atContinue Reading

On 21 January, the Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministry reported the death of 39-year-old serviceman Artur Nalbandyan at military outpost on the northern mountainous segment of the line-of-contact (LoC). Further news reports detailed that Nalbandyan had died as a result of a fall. (1, 2) The incident is currently being investigated,Continue Reading

Tension along the internationally-recognised border between Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to remain high, with frequent skirmishes and cross-border fire reported. So far this year, two Armenian servicemen were wounded due to skirmishes, while one Azeri serviceman was killed on 7 January. On 15 January at around 16.30 hours, Armenian servicemanContinue Reading

According to news reports, an Armenian serviceman was found dead today at an unspecified military border outpost(1, 2, 3). According to eyewitness reports from the outpost, serviceman Gegham Khachaturian shot himself with a firearm and died as aresult of his wounds. Additionally, a local parish head from the village ofContinue Reading

On 1 January 2020, de facto Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence ministry announced the death of serviceman Artyom Kazaryan. The oficial cause of death was due to health issues. Kazaryan was reported to have died at a military unit on the northeastern segment of the line of contact. As of yet, noContinue Reading

Five Azeri and two Armenian servicemen killed these past days, with one of them being a combat death, and the remainder under unspecified circumstances. The 18 September brought about news about the death of Azeri border guard, Senan Huseynov, one month before he was to be demobilised. The reasons forContinue Reading

On the early morning of 24 July, Armenian serviceman, conscript Volodya Galoyan’s body was found around 50 metres from his undisclosed military outpost along the line-of-contact between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. An initial inquiry into the case revealed that Galoyan had unsuccessfully fired upon his superior at his military outpostContinue Reading