Five Azeri, two Armenian servicemen killed in 10 days

Five Azeri and two Armenian servicemen killed these past days, with one of them being a combat death, and the remainder under unspecified circumstances.

The 18 September brought about news about the death of Azeri border guard, Senan Huseynov, one month before he was to be demobilised. The reasons for his death appear to be leukaemia, however, he did not have health issues according to his fellow villagers.

Azeri military deaths from left to right:Huseynov, Garayev, Mammadov, Abdulrahmanov and Guliyev

On 20 September, reports got out about the death of another Azeri serviceman from the State Border Service,  Nahid Garayev, who was reportedly killed when he was struck by a vehicle near a military base in Nakhichevan. The same day, Azeri conscript Elyarbey Mammadov, part of the Ahiska -Turk minitory community was killed in circumstances that have yet to be clarified. Interestingly, Azeri Defence officials published a rare statement on his loss, stressing that an investigation is underway, with no further details.

Video of Elyarbey Mamamdov’s funeral

Additionally, on 22 September Azeri special forces serviceman Ramin Abdulrahmanov killed during a border incursion on Armenian military outposts near Aghdam, while Azeri media stated that he was killed when he got lost and wandered into the neutral zone between military outposts.  His body remained in the neutral zone with Azeri troops unable to retreive it, and was subsequently returned by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Moreover, open-source investigations done by Armenian military blog revealed another Azeri serviceman killed on 25 September in unspecified circumstances; Gurbet Guliyev was serving in the area of Fizuli according to the military blog.

Days later, in the early morning of 22 September, Armenian conscript Hayk Khachaturian was killed due to an accidental firearm incident at a military outpost in northern Nagorno Karabakh. While on 28 September, another Armenian serviceman, Arman Levonyan, received a fatal firearm wound at a military base in the same are; Armenian authorities stated that at time of their statement, the circumstances of the incident were unclear.

No photos of the two fallen Armenian servicemen were made public.

These are significantly high casualty figures in such a short period of time; no open-source evidence points to a connection between them, but given the high tension this month, one cannot disregard such circumstances.

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