On 13 July, reports from military authorities in Stepanakert got out that 20-year-old serviceman Artyom Khachatryan, was killed by Azeri forces.  The incident occurred at a military outpost on the northern segment of the line-of-contact. Khachatryan was from the village of Malishka in central Armenia and was set to finishContinue Reading

Azeri military officials reported the loss of a serviceman today on the line-of-contact near the city of Tartar, corresponding to the Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh on the other side.   The official report stated among other things: “On 09 June Azerbaijani Army serviceman Elshan Khalilov Vugar oglu was martyred asContinue Reading

On 01 June,  military authorities in Stepanakert announced the loss of 19-year-old conscript soldier, Sipan Melkonyan. According to the official report, Melkonyan died as result of an Azeri bullet at a military outpost along the line-of-contact near the city of Martuni, in eastern Nagorno Karabakh, the incident took place atContinue Reading

Official reports from the Azeri Defence Ministry today stated that serviceman, Aqil Omarov, was killed on the line-of-contact near the abandoned city of Aghdam. Azeri reports state that Omarov was killed as a result of sniper fire from the Armenian side. A Facebook post apparently dedicated to the fallen servicemanContinue Reading

On 14 May, the Defence Ministry of Armenia revealed the loss of sergeant Ararat Khechumyan due to incidental circumstances during military training drills in northeastern Armenia.  The incident is currently being investigated, and no official cause of death nor the incident has been made clear to the public. The newsContinue Reading

On 12 April, news on social media spread about the death of Azeri serviceman Meherrem Mayilzade being killed. Although military authorities in Baku have not yet commented on the incident, it is speculated that Mayilzade died as a result of a mine explosion. According to the Armenian military blog razm.info,Continue Reading

On 25 March 2019, military authorities in Stepanakert announced the death of 21-year-old  serviceman Ara Arakelian at military base in northeastern Nagorno Karabakh’s Martakert region.  The cause of death is currently being investigated and has been officially announced as from “undetermined circumstances”. Coincidentally, on the same day, Allaz Alazov,  anContinue Reading

On 26 March, the Azeri Defence Ministry has reported the death of serviceman Allaz Allazov  from cross-border fire on the line-of-contact near the town of Fizuli in southern Nagorno Karabakh. According to the Armenian military news portal Razm.info, Allazov was from the village of Yuxarı Salahlı in the region ofContinue Reading

On 12 March, the Defence Ministry of Nagorno Karabakh officially announced the death of an Armenian soldier at a military outpost on line-of-contact.  19-year-old Karen Karapetyan was found with a fatal gunshot wound, initial findings brought about evidence of murder. A fellow serviceman of Karapetyan was detained and a criminalContinue Reading

An incident involving an exchange of fire took place on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran, near the village of Bala Bəhmənli, in the region of Fizuli. As a result, Azeri border guard Sekhavet Memmedov was killed and a second, Vidadi Jebrailov was injured in the arm. The incident isContinue Reading

On 03 January 2019, social media reports along with several news media platforms started circulating news regarding the death of Saleh Demirov, an Azeri conscript from the central city of Agsu. The cause of death is not clear, but according to a report told to Meydan TV, he may haveContinue Reading