On 06 August 2017, news got out of Azeri conscript soldier Nicat Ilyasov’s death only 8 days after he started military service. Ilyasov registered at his native city,  Yevlakh’s military commissioner’s office on 22 July 2017,  he suffered from severe migraines but was told he was “fit for military service,Continue Reading

On 30 July 2017, in a rare publication Azeri media outlets gave news of the death of 24-year old Azeri Armed forces Lieutuenant Akbarli Huseyn, killed on the northern segment of the Armenia-Azeri border. Huseyn was a native of Eçara village in the Jelilabad region of Azerbaijan. Huseyn was allegedlyContinue Reading

On 28 July 2017, Armenian military authorities announced the death of soldier Arkadi Ghambaryan and the injuries suffered by another, Artur Mayranyan. Both occurred during a period of border skirmishes in the north west of Azerbaijan (northeastern Armenia). The injured was taken to a local field hospital, subsequently to YerevanContinue Reading

On 23 July 2017 at around 06.30 hours, the body of Armenian conscript sergeant Vardan Melkonian found hanging in an area outside of his undisclosed military base.  The incident is not being treated as a suicide until the current investigation is concluded, however initial signs show that it may be.Continue Reading

On 21 July 2017 news spread of yet another death of an Azeri conscript soldier, that of  Dayandur Azizli (Azeri. Dayandur Əzizli) native of  Sheki. Without any comments from government authorities, news has spread through social media  (particularly his Facebook account) and several opposition media outlets such as Meydan TV. AzizliContinue Reading

News has spread of Azeri conscript Nahid Soltanov’s death from his woulds. His death was confirmed by his brother Elchin Soltanov to Azadliq News reporters  today.  Soltanov was buried in his village of Qizilburun near the city of Shirvan. Meydan TV also obtained information on the case by the family, whoContinue Reading

On 14 July 2017,  Nahid Soltanov, resident of Qizilburun village and a conscript soldier was critically wounded by an Armenian sniper after his military post opened fire on Armenian positions.  He has been transferred to a local hospital for further medical procedures.Continue Reading