Two servicemen wounded, one killed in past ten days

Tension along the internationally-recognised border between Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to remain high, with frequent skirmishes and cross-border fire reported. So far this year, two Armenian servicemen were wounded due to skirmishes, while one Azeri serviceman was killed on 7 January.

  • On 15 January at around 16.30 hours, Armenian serviceman Artur Medzhlumyan sustained heavy injuries from an Azeri sniper, presumably an SVD Dragunov rifle, and was eventually evacuated to a hospital in Yerevan for treatment. The incident occurred at an unspecified location (1, 2, 3).
  • On 11 January at 12.25 hours, Armenian serviceman, private Artur Arzumanyan, was shot and wounded by an Azeri sniper at his military outpost near the village of Berkaber, Armenia (1).
  • On 7 January at 14.56 hours, Azeri serviceman Farzali Farzaliyev died as a result of sniper fire from Armenian positions near the village enclave of Kushchu Ayrum (1).

The number of military-related incidents on the Armenian-Azeri border have increased in the past year, sparking what some experts say is a shift in tension from the line-of-contact in Nagorno Karabakh to the international border between the two mentioned countries.

Map of the region with the area of incident (red) and disputed territories (orange)

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