NK President and officials present at opening of more military facilities

According to an official statement from the Nagorno Karabakh (NK) Defence officials, more military installations were opened in the northeastern and central parts of the de facto territory. The installations will serve support troops in the rear-guard as well as other unspecified military units.  The content of the official statement suggests that at lest one major installation was opened, possibly to house troops, while other bases in the mentioned areas were renovated with medical and kitchen facilities, washrooms, storage as well as other living facilities. Present at the events were high-ranking officials from the NK military, including president Bako Sahakian and Defence head Karen Abrahamian.

Also, the presidential office of the de facto entity issued a statement highlighting his participation in the inauguration of “various infrastructures [facilities]” (sic), adding that increasing combat readiness and the living conditions of troops remain top priorities.

Official photos provided by NK Defence officials

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The visit comes amid another opening of a military installation several days prior to this one. The Nagorno Karabakh military announced that they will continue with construction and renovation projects for new military facilities throughout the territory.

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