Military officials in Yerevan published a statement concerning a border skirmish incident on 26 March in the vicinity of a military outpost near the village of Berdavan. According to official news, an Azeri military unit had commenced engineering work to further their trench system closer to Armenian positions. Armenian troopsContinue Reading

Just a few day ago, a new contingent of Armenian Interior Ministry troops  was transferred to the volatile border region  of Tavush, neighbouring Azerbaijan. The new contingent will be replacing the current one, as the latter heads to the reserves  after concluding their tour. The redeployment was marked in ceremonialContinue Reading

According to media outlets in Azerbaijan, an excavator and its driver were shot at while working near a military outpost on the outskirts of the village of Kemerli, only 12 kilometres south of the tri-border between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The details of what really took place are still unclear,Continue Reading

During this last week of December Azeri border guards, offically called the State Border Service(SBS), took up new assignments on the Azeri-Armenian border, more precisely near the towns of Agstafa and Qazax. The head of the SBS Elchin Guliyev paid a visit to his troops, who, although are not membersContinue Reading

On 02 September 2018, a cross border shooting incident on the border between Armenia and Azerbijan gave way to a fire mid-way between border posts of the two countries. Initial reports stated that Azeri troops opened fire on the villages of Voskevan and Baghanis, which are approximately 1,2 km fromContinue Reading

On 04 August 2017, word quickly spread about the accidental shooting death of two Azeri soldiers near a military post on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. The incident happened at a military outpost between the Azeri village of Alibeyli and Armenian village of Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, when servicemen Shahin Ahmadov and Vahid MusayevContinue Reading

Amid heightened tensions on the Azeri-Armenian border, Armenia’s Defence Ministry confirmed 31 year-old Armenian soldier Armen Nazlukhyan was wounded in an exchange of fire between the two sides.  The incident was reported to have occurred at around 10.40 hours. The wounded was initially taken to the Central Hospital in the cityContinue Reading

On 30 July 2017, in a rare publication Azeri media outlets gave news of the death of 24-year old Azeri Armed forces Lieutuenant Akbarli Huseyn, killed on the northern segment of the Armenia-Azeri border. Huseyn was a native of Eçara village in the Jelilabad region of Azerbaijan. Huseyn was allegedlyContinue Reading

Since the beginning of July of this year a series of border skirmishes between Armenia and Azerbaijan have taken place. Although not uncommon, the intensity and frequency of these in the last month is alarming, and could signal a change in the Azeri leadership’s tactics to maintain pressure on ArmeniaContinue Reading

On 28 July 2017, Armenian military authorities announced the death of soldier Arkadi Ghambaryan and the injuries suffered by another, Artur Mayranyan. Both occurred during a period of border skirmishes in the north west of Azerbaijan (northeastern Armenia). The injured was taken to a local field hospital, subsequently to YerevanContinue Reading