Yesterday, news got out about a skirmish between Armenian and Azeri border troops on the internationally-recognised border between the two countries near. As a result of the incident, one Armenian solider was wounded and evacuated for treatment to a hospital in region of Noyemberian with a non-life threatening wounds toContinue Reading

On Thursday, a report from the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan stated that Armenian troops fired on a military supply vehicle behind their military outposts. According to the report, the incident occurred at border outposts between the villages of  Ferehli in Azerbaijan and Koti in Armenia, which lie barelyContinue Reading

Recent changes on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan bring to light a new development. Between December 2018 and April 2018, military positions from both sides were extended, in one case apparently into Georgian territory,  and modified highlighting the ongoing tension between the two states. Location of border outpost modificationsContinue Reading

On 27 July, at approximately 11.00 hours an Armenian border guard was critically injured by an Azeri bullet on northern segment of the Armenian-Azeri border. According to sources from Armenia’s Defence ministry, an Armenian border guard received non-life threatening injuries from Azeri fire; according to non-official sources, the injured wasContinue Reading

Official reports today from Azerbaijan’s State Border Service brought about news about the chairman of Azerbaijan’s Food Safety Agency Koshgar Tahmazli visiting several military outposts on the Armenian border in the district of Kazakh. The notifications described that Tahmazli’s aim was to check up the food-supply issue to troops onContinue Reading

Yesterday, OSCE representatives in Armenia and Azerbaijan organised a monitoring mission on the militarised border between the two countries. According to Azeri and Armenian sources, the monitoring took place according to plans, without any incidents. On the Armenian side, the monitoring took place near military outposts around the village ofContinue Reading

A border skirmish on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border between 29-30 April left one Armenian soldier injured. According to an official statement by Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS), during the mentioned time lapse Armenian military units “opened fire on several directions during different times of the day with high-calibre weapons”.  The incidentContinue Reading