OSCE conducts monitoring mission on Armenia-Azerbaijan border

Yesterday, OSCE representatives in Armenia and Azerbaijan organised a monitoring mission on the militarised border between the two countries.

According to Azeri and Armenian sources, the monitoring took place according to plans, without any incidents. On the Armenian side, the monitoring took place near military outposts around the village of Baghanis, while on the Azeri side, near the village of Kushchu Ayrim, located in a semi-enclave.

OSCE officials met up with local administrative authorities on both sides of the border. Monitoring missions by the OSCE have tended to concentrate on the line-of-contact between Azerbaijan and the de facto Nagorno Karabakh, as opposed to the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

Possible area of monitoring mission.

Note: the space between the military outposts is considered a no-mans-land, and marks the de facto border between the two countries


The area where this particular monitoring mission was conducted at has a strategic importance for both Armenia and Azerbaijan, and was the scene of a border skirmish earlier this month, leaving one Armenian soldier wounded. Besides this latest incident, this segment of the border has been tense in the past, with around half dozen skirmishes taking place each year.

This appears to be the second explicit monitoring mission this year on the border between these two countries, with the first one being in January. Official photos of the event from the Azeri side had not yet been published at the time of writing.

Official photos of the event provided by Armenia’s Defence Ministry

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