Buta Armor to supply Azeri Armed forces with Bulgarian anti-ballistic equipment

Starting 2019, a new company will be supplying the Azeri Armed forces with anti-ballistic technology (bullet-proof vests, helmets and accessories related to them). Buta Armor, a local company based in Baku, which was officially founded in February of 2018, will be co-operating with the Bulgarian defence contractor Mars Armor, who reportedly has formed a partnership selling its Azeri partner technology relating to the field of armour.

The founder of Buta Armor, Ramin Ahmadov, was the previous head of the Bulgarian-Azeri Chamber of Commerce in Baku between 2017-2018. The list of institutions on the supply include the country’s armed forces, police force and members of the National Agency for Mine Action as well as a series of private companies. According to the technical information on the Bulgarian site, armour plates produced by them can provide protection for projectiles up to 7,62x54mm, the type of projectile used in PKM’s and Dragunov rifles.

The company has its headquarters in Baku, and appears to have branches in Ganja, Mingachevir, Shirvan, Lankaran, Sumgait and Nakhichevan. Defence companies in Bulgaria have concluded business deals with Azeri companies in the past, as both show an interest in developing commercial ties as well as a defence industry, particularly Azerbaijan.


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