Nakhichevan military garrison receives excavators from Turkey

A few days ago on 04 December, Azeri Defence officials announced the transfer of excavators and tractors from Turkey to the Nakhichevani military garrison. Manufactured by the Turkish firm Hidromek, at least eight tracked and three wheeled heavy-duty excavators, two graders, two front-end loaders and three backhoe tractors were provided to the Azeri military in the enclave to be used by special engineering units.

The military hardware was transferred by land through the Hope bridge linking Nakhichevan to eastern Turkey, and was eventually handed over to a military unit in the southern part of the enclave, where a  small reception ceremony was organised.

The transfer will bolster the capacity of the enclave’s military engineering units, who have conducted numerous renovation and construction work on military installations, roads and positions. Of particular significance was the area surrounding the abandoned village of Gunnut in May of 2018, an area that saw major renovation works on roads and new military installations, which extended military positions bringing them closer to Armenian ones near the village of Areni, Armenia.

Hidromek, a major Turkish manufacturer of construction-grade vehicles is present in over 100 countries founded in 1978. The firm exports to numerous countries and as such, has experts dispatched to them as well.

Turkey has stepped up its presence and cooperation with Azerbaijan in the Nakhichevani enclave, conducting numerous bilateral military exercises aimed at strengthening the local military capacity, which increases with this latest transfer of construction-grade hardware.

Azeri military officials and Hidromek representative Murad Armagan stressed the importance of the high-level of cooperation between their two countries.

Official footage published by Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry

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