Armenia’s armed forces chief of staff in Karabakh for military training session

Between 5-6 September, the Armenian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff, Artak Davtyan, visited his counterpart in Nagorno Karabakh, Karen Abrahamyan, to monitor and evaluate a series of military training field expeditions near the southern, northern and northeastern segments of the line of contact with Azerbaijan (1, 2).

According to official notifications, the field expeditions served as a way of testing combat-readiness, as well as furthering cooperation between different units of the armed forces. Interestingly, the drills took place on opposite ends of the line of contact, the north and south, precisely the segments that experienced the biggest combat operations during the 2016 April war.

Davtyan, in a briefing to journalists, stated that  “…Armenia continues to be a guarantor for the security of Artsakh [Nagorno Karabakh], if the need arises, we will able to cooperate together correctly and equally…”


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