Second border shoot-out on Azeri-Iran border within one week

A second border incident involving a shoot-out has taken place within two days of a similar incident on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran. According to official sources in Baku, the incident took place just after midnight on 12 March 2019, on a segment of the border near the village of Ostayır, in the Yardimli region of Azerbaijan.

Warning shots were fired by border guards to halt a group of six individuals, who apparently were seeking to carry loads of narcotics across the border into Azerbaijan.  Shots were eventually directed at the group of individuals, one of which was killed while the rest managed to escape back into Iran, leaving behind several bags , reportedly of narcotics.

The head of the State Border Service, Elçin Guliyev visited the are after the incident. Iranian officials were notified of the incident and measures are being taken to pursue the rest of the individuals. Further details will possibly be made available after a final investigation of the incident.


The approximate area of incident and Special Border Service outpost in the area

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