60mm mortars fired reportedly fired on line-of-contact

According to the latest ceasefire violation reports of the Nagorno Karabakh Ministry of Defence,  this last week (10-16 March 2019) around 250 violations were reported, with an approximate projectile count of 3.000. Besides the latter, on 13 March, official reports stated that between 10.35-11.15 hours,  nine  60 mm mortar rounds were fired on military positions on the line-of-contact near Aghdam by Azeri forces. The Azeri Defence Ministry has not yet commented on the latter, mentioning that on 15 March,  a total of 26 ceasefire violations were registered, including violations by high-calibre machine gun fire.

Baku on its behalf, recorded a total of 169 ceasefire violations within the same time period (10-16 March 2016), mainly by small calibre light-arm fire, with the exception of higher calibres being used on 15 March. Compared to this same week in 2018, recorded ceasefire violations are down by 75% from 658 registered incidents.

Coincidentally or not, one year ago, on 16 March 2018, the Azeri Defence Ministry registered ceasefire violations with 60mm mortars apparently fired from the Armenian side.

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