Azerbaijan tests out new heavy-calibre sniper rifle

Tests and trials have started in Azerbaijan, aimed at testing out a newly-developed sniper rifle. The 12.7 x 108 mm cartridge used by the new ST-12.7 rifle as it is called, has an effective range of 1,600 metres and is used to target personnel, as well as light armoured vehicles at closer ranges.

Compared to another rifle of a slightly higher calibre (14.5 x 114mm) produced in Azerbaijan, the Istiqlal long-range sniper rifle, this one is apparently lighter and more compact.

The rifle is produced by a state-run company under the country’s Ministry of Defence Industry, which produces other arms and military-grade products.  Azerbaijan produces and co-produces a series of weapons from rifles to unmanned aerial vehicles, in recent years armament production has stepped up, both for internal, and limited export to countries such as Turkey and Pakistan.

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