Nakhichevan military garrison echos mainland Azerbaijan with military drills

The end of January saw the start of a the annual military preparation cycle(1, 2), not only in mainland Azerbaijan, but also in the Nakhichevani enclave. The heads of military units of the Nakhichevani garrison, essentially a self-sustaining autonomous military, along with officers and sub-officials carried out a series of evaluations and inspections aimed at following up with their combat-readiness capabilities.

Official photos from the event provided by Azeri Defence officials

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Included were members of the not only the local military, but militarised border guard forces as well from the State Border Service. The events, possibly taking place near the southern town of Julfa, included both tactical and psychological evaluations of the units involved. Live-fire drills with small arms and mortars, as well as training on higher-technology systems were included in the programme.

Video provided by Azeri Defence officials

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