De facto authorities in Nagorno Karabakh (NK) revealed military drills this past week, from 22-26 June at the Tigranakert training ground with the participation of high-ranking officials from Armenia besides local authorities. The event was overseen by NK defence head Jalal Harutyunyan, accompanied by his counterpart, Chief of Staff ofContinue Reading

According to a statement from the Nagorno Karabakh (NK) defence officials published on 27 March, a series of drills involving the heads of different military units were carried out at an undisclosed location. As officially mentioned, the event sought to test out new methods and techniques for combat in unfamiliarContinue Reading

On 27 March, an official notification from Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry mentioned a series of training drills conducted in Nakhichevan. The first of these drills involved armoured vehicle and tank teams  competing to complete an obsticle course under the title “the best tank and armoured combat vehicle crew”; the event involedContinue Reading

Between 2-6 March, large-scale military drills are being carried out in Azerbaijan involving units form all branches of the armed forces. Emphasis in this years official initial statement was put on high-technology military equipment being used during the drills, particularly for remote operations management. Significant coverage of Defence minister ZakirContinue Reading

On 28 February, units of the Nakhichevan military garrison carried out simulation drills involving armoured units. The events were aimed at thwarting a simulated incursion in nocturnal and daytime conditions and is part of this year’s military training plan. While the exact location of the event was not specified, theContinue Reading

Units of the Azeri Armed Forces took part in a series of drills consisting of physical tests, live-fire drills and other tactical exercises, including with military vehicles. Little details on the drills were made available, but the drills were headed by officers of the mentioned units. Map of the militaryContinue Reading

The end of this week saw a series of training sessions conducted by different units of the Azeri Armed Forces, including nocturnal simulations at an undisclosed traning ground, as well as an anti-air defence live-fire exercise. The sessions, according to the official footage provided, did not appear to be significantContinue Reading

Sniper units of the Nakhichevan military along side Turkish instructors participated in a sniper training course. The event was concluded today and was conducted at several training areas in south western Nakhichevan near a major military base in the town of Julfa.  News of the event was revealed by theContinue Reading