Turkey and Azerbaijan conduct joint sniper training

Sniper units of the Nakhichevan military along side Turkish instructors participated in a sniper training course. The event was concluded today and was conducted at several training areas in south western Nakhichevan near a major military base in the town of Julfa.  News of the event was revealed by the Azeri Defence ministry in an official statement.

Approximate area of training course (red dot) in Nakhichevan and disputed territories and border segments (orange)

The course is conducted yearly, with one already having taken place in late January of this year. Previous to that, a training course took place in November of 2018, all on the same area. The two sides have stepped up military-related events in the enclave this past year, considered part of Azerbaijan with an autonomous status.

Official footage from the graduation ceremony  provided by Azeri defence officials

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