Nakhichevan – fourth sniper preparation course carried out with Turkish instructors

According to an official statement from the Azeri Defence ministry, another sniper preparation course was completed in the enclave of Nakhichevan. The course was carried out by Turkish instructors, experts in marksmanship, who perioducally train Azeri servicemen in the enclave under a bilateral militar cooperation agreement.

Location of the Training event in southern Nakhichevan, outside the city of Julfa

The training session took place at one of Nakhichevan’s biggest military bases and training ground, on the northern outskirts of the southern city of Julfa. While not many details were provided on the event, this is the fourth official notification of such an event this year at this same location. Sniper courses were also conducted in Janauary, March and  November of this year, with this latest one most likely the last one of the year.

Official footage from the event provided by the Azeri Defence Ministry



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