Tank and anti-air defence training in Nakhichevan

On 27 March, an official notification from Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry mentioned a series of training drills conducted in Nakhichevan. The first of these drills involved armoured vehicle and tank teams  competing to complete an obsticle course under the title “the best tank and armoured combat vehicle crew”; the event involed vehicles such as the T-72, BTR-82 and the BMP-1 and included live-fire exercises and manoeuvering tactics.

The second of these drills involved anti-air units testing coordination capacities involving S-125 medium-range surfice-to-air (SAM) missiles, short-range Osa SAM systems and 23mm anti-air cannons. Official notifications showed live-fire exercises with this latter weapon type against dummy targets aimed at boosting coordination between units at a training ground in northern Nakhichevan.

Official photos provided by Azeri defence officials

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