The Azeri Armed Forces conducted life-fire artillery training today at an undisclosed military training facility according to the country’s Ministry of Defence. The exercises saw the deployment of artillery guns, self-propelled artillery, unguided and guided rockets as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), essentially drones being used for locating targets.Continue Reading

Azerbaijan has commenced large-scale military exercises today, 18 of September 2017, which will continue until 22 September. The number of troops mobilised in this years exercise is quite smaller than previous years and stands at 15.000, with around 150 tanks and armoured vehicles, 120 different artillery and self-propelled artillery systemsContinue Reading

Azerbaijan’s Air Force tested out several Su-25 fighter-bomber aircraft in Nakhichevan on 23 August 2017, in what is one of the first cases of military aircraft being tested out by Baku in Nakhichevan. In a video made public by the Azeri Defence Ministry, the video shows at least two aircraft being testedContinue Reading

From 8-10 July 2017, military drills by in Nagorno Karabakh are underway, conducted by the country’s armed forces. The drills are a continuation of a series of  military exercises to develop the defensive capacity of the Armenian forces even further. This time, the drills (at an unspecified location) simulated aContinue Reading