Troops from the 5th Military Formation have conducted field exercises with special forces troops at an undisclosed, but commonly used  training ground in Armenia.  Official reports mention that the exercises are aimed at further developing the efficient and effective use of equipment in difficult terrain and weather conditions. The 5thContinue Reading

Armenian officials have expressed their negative thoughts regarding the upcoming military exercises in Azerbaijan, which will include around 10.000 participants, 500 armoured vehicles, 300 artillery and 20 aviation units. The spokesperson for Armenia’s Defence Ministry, Artsrun Hovhannisyan, stated that  “Azerbaijan organised the 11-15 March military exercises in the context ofContinue Reading

Azerbaijan’s highest authority, president Ilham Aliyev, announced  the starting of large-scale military exercises between 11-15 March. The announcement can be found on the Defence Ministry’s official webpage, made on 08 March. The events involve 10.000 military personnel, 500 armoured vehicles (tanks, personnel carriers, etc. ), 300 artillery pieces (cannon-launched artillery,Continue Reading

The first command-post exercises of this year are underway in Nakhichevan. Troop formations  carried out a joint effort to counter any incursions into state territory according to official publications from the military authorities. The events were supervised by the head of Nakhichevan’s military garrison,  Lt Gen Kerem Mustafayev, and involvedContinue Reading

Special air defence units form the Azeri Armed Forces conducted live fire drills using the S-125 anti-air missile system. The drills were based on a scenario, in which an alarm was sounded and a command given to the corresponding personnel to carry out their assignments. Official news from the DefenceContinue Reading

Azeri military units departed from the Nakhicehvan Autonomous Republic  on 30 January towards Kars, Turkey for a military training session expected on 23 February.  The  300 km journey will take around 6 hours, where they will be stationed at a local Turkish military base in preparation for multilateral training sessions.Continue Reading

Russian troops stationed in Armenia have started drills and training for the 2019 international ArMY-2019  (officially in Russian АрМИ-2019) military  games. The training is being conducted on the Kamkhud and Alagyaz training grounds, both are high altitude areas on Armenia’s highest mountain, Aragats. Both areas have long been used for militaryContinue Reading

Between 23-24 December the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan conducted artillery drills with their Czech produced and procured DANA 152mm propelled artillery systems. According to official sources, the combat exercises simulated close-artillery barrage training. The DANA self.propelled artillery system has a minimum range of approximately 4,5 km and a maximum ofContinue Reading

Russian 102nd military base in Gyumri, Armenia conducts live-fire exercises involving combat helicopters and armoured vehicles, so was the official news brief from the Russian Ministry of Defence on 19 January 2018. The objective of the drills are locating, targeting and firing on decoy “enemy” targets in difficult weather conditions.More than 40Continue Reading

  The 102nd  Russian military base in Armenia started what it officially announced as “tactical and special training exercises” within Armenia’s territory.  The participants in the three-day event include units from the motor rifle division, tank and artillery, as well as air defence, reconnaissance and engineering units. The drills areContinue Reading

Azeri military units conducted training exercises on aimed at building a NATO-type capacity within the framework of the organisation’s Operational Capabilities Concept. News on the event was published by the Azeri Defence Ministry, which highlighted that the drills included combat and communication (particularly English language communication during such events) coordination carried outContinue Reading