Azeri air defence units conduct live fire drills

Special air defence units form the Azeri Armed Forces conducted live fire drills using the S-125 anti-air missile system. The drills were based on a scenario, in which an alarm was sounded and a command given to the corresponding personnel to carry out their assignments. Official news from the Defence Ministry stated that special attention was put on the decision making process, which, as a rule of thumb, involves identifying air threats, categorising  and prioritising air targets and subsequently applying the required air defence measures to counter them.

Official photos of the event

Participating in the events were loading and supply vehicles, launching systems and radar vehicles along with other auxiliary vehicles. The drills took place at a special training ground in the north of the country, bordering Georgia on one side, and the Mingechevir reservoir to the south. The area has long been used for similar drills due to its isolation by the reservoir on one side, and high mountain ranges to the north. The S-125 has proven to be quite an effective anti-air measure, i t was developed in the 1960’s in the Soviet Union with subsequent models modified over the years. The air-to-air missile has an average range of 12 km and is employed by around two dozen countries.


An approximate map of the training facility



A video clip of the event from the Defence Ministry of Azerbaijan


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