Defence Ministries report on latest ceasefire violations

According to the latest information available from the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan, ceasefire violations this year are four times lower than in 2018.  Data for this last week from  17 February to 25 February, show far lower ceasefire violations, on seven of the days reported ceasefire violations were by small arms fire, while  on 22 and 23 February, the use of heavy machine guns were also reported, possibly  12,7 mm rounds from weapons such as the Kord heavy machine gun used by Armenian forces.

Reported ceasefire violations by the Azeri Defence Ministry

*Source: Defence Ministry of Azerbaijan


A decrease in reported ceasefire violations has also been noted by the Ministry of Defence of Nagorno Karabakh, which for the period between 17-23 February 2019, reported 150 ceasefire violations by the Azeri side. Ceasefire monitoring mechanisms were able to establish around 1.500 shots fired from different weapons, all classified as small arms calibre rounds.

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