Russian 102nd military base conducts three-day combat drills in Armenia


The 102nd  Russian military base in Armenia started what it officially announced as “tactical and special training exercises” within Armenia’s territory.  The participants in the three-day event include units from the motor rifle division, tank and artillery, as well as air defence, reconnaissance and engineering units. The drills are accompanied by air support from locally based Russian aviation units.

Participating in the exercises are more than 500 servicemen and 100 military vehicles and other equipment. Besides the latter, MiG-29 fighter jets, Mi-24 gunships, Mi-8 transport helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles will be assisting the ground troops in their combat simulations.

The drills are being conducted at the Alagyaz training ground, or polygon as it is locally termed. The event is aimed at further developing cooperation between military units and maintain combat readiness of the garrisoned troops. One important aspect of that Russian authorities have underlined is the cooperation of ground troops in coordination with air defence and aviation units.

According to Russia’s Defence Ministry,  the training ground, parts of which surpass 2000 metres above sea level, are an excellent setting for military tasks such as small arms practice, the manoeuvring of combat vehicles. The extreme conditions will provide a unique setting for target practice, which are being conducted with moving targets for further developing skills.


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