Azeri military units conduct command-post exercises in Nakhichevan

The first command-post exercises of this year are underway in Nakhichevan. Troop formations  carried out a joint effort to counter any incursions into state territory according to official publications from the military authorities.

The events were supervised by the head of Nakhichevan’s military garrison,  Lt Gen Kerem Mustafayev, and involved the participation of special units from the Border Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Security Services and  other auxiliary government bodies.

Official news on the event put an emphasis on the fact that the joint military exercises sought to “protect state structures and the [local] population” in counter-terror operations, as well as operations aimed at countering the effects of illegal incursions by organised crime groups, undocumented migrants and other potential risk-bearing occurrences.


Footage from the event published by the Ministry of Defence


The autonomous republic has its own military of around 20.000 troops and over 400 armoured vehicles including tanks and armoured personnel carriers among others according to official sources. Nonetheless, detailed information about the armed forces here is strictly limited, with some experts stating a higher, or in some cases, even a lower troop contingent.

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