Russian soldiers in Armenia start combat training for “ARMY-2019” games

Russian troops stationed in Armenia have started drills and training for the 2019 international ArMY-2019  (officially in Russian АрМИ-2019) military  games.

The training is being conducted on the Kamkhud and Alagyaz training grounds, both are high altitude areas on Armenia’s highest mountain, Aragats. Both areas have long been used for military training by Russian troops stationed in Armenia, in many cases, joint exercises have been carried out.

According to Russia’s Southern Military District’s press officials, over 500 troops and 100 armoured vehicles are participating in these events.  Among the specialised groups participating in this event are tank and motorise d troops, engineers, medical experts, artillery, anti-air defence and intelligence  officers.

It is worth mentioning that Moscow currently has around 5.000 troops stationed in Armenia, the majority at the 102nd  Military Base stationed in the northern city of Gyumri, and another at the Erebuni Airbase in the capital Yerevan.

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