UPDATE – Azeri Military units from Nakhichevan depart for Kars

Azeri military units departed from the Nakhicehvan Autonomous Republic  on 30 January towards Kars, Turkey for a military training session expected on 23 February.  The  300 km journey will take around 6 hours, where they will be stationed at a local Turkish military base in preparation for multilateral training sessions.

According to military authorities in Baku, the drills are aimed at strengthening the combat capacities of the participating servicemen, particularly in snowy and sub-zero weather conditions.

The Azeri servicemen participating in the event will be accompanied by observers and servicemen from around 28. No further details on the event are were made public, but will possibly  be available further at a further date.

Official ceremony for the start of the drills in Nakhichevan

countries. More details on this event are not yet available,

UPDATE…14 FEB 2019

Included in the programme are anti-terror operation drills, along with training sessions for Azeri paratroopers in near a special facility in the city of Kayseri, Turkey.

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