Azeri military aircraft and gunships in training exercises, including near the line-of-contact

According to official reports out of Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry, 10-11 April saw training flights involving air force units in different parts of the country. The first event om 10 April saw Su-25 ground attack aircraft and MiG-29 fighters taking off from the country’s biggest military airbase, Nasosny airbase,  north of Baku.  No video of live-fire exercises involving the aircraft was show, thus, possibly was not conducted.

Geospatial analysis showing the MiG-29s parked on the Nasosny airbase

On 11 April, combat helicopters including Mi-8, as well as Mi-24 and Mi-35 gunships took off from an airbase in Yevlakh (previously having flown in from another base) 35 km from the line-of-contact, and carried out live-fire drills with air-to-ground unguided rockets at an undisclosed military training ground. No further details of the event were made public.

Geospatial analysis revealing the helicopters taking off from an airbase in Yevlakh

While the event appeared to be a routine training flight, parts of the helicopters possibly housing radar detection devises were blurred out in the official video. In a previous video from 2018 however, the devises were not blurred out, possibly pointing to a new modification fitted on the gunship types since then.

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